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Custom Wedding Soulmates

Take your special day to the next level with custom soulmates for your special night....and wait for it...Honeymoon!

Just imagine the pictures! Omg! So unique.

The process is easy, after placing the order just email (info@soulmatescollection.com) the pictures of the portraits you’d like. The more pictures you send the better! Also, let us know what color palette we should work on and the sizes. In the past our wedding clients have chosen blue, you know, “something blue”? (You can check that out on the list 😊).

If you are stepping out a notch and thinking custom soulmates for your bridesmaids and groomsman, send me an email for a quote before placing the order here. You know the more you order the best price you’ll get. Also if you want the diamond in your shoes (figure of speech) we can also have a custom sole with your names, date and a special note. I know we can go crazy custom here, and your special day deserves all the details we can ad. If you love all the ideas above email us so we can create a custom package for you. So you know we require a minimum of 6 pairs of shoes for a custom package.

Thank you for considering us in creating such unique pieces for such a special night! What an honor ❤

Prices start at $250 for custom artwork for up to three characters. 

For custom soles, custom packaging and party flavors please contact info@soyulmatescollection for a custom quote.

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Type: Custom Wedding Shoes