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Meet Chiara!

She used to hide behind her flaws until she decided to embrace them. She will be your constant reminder of who we can be when we don’t set limits for ourselves. 

With every pair of Soulmates shoes you purchase, we will help homeless senior dogs directly and through local rescues.

The art of our shoes is made by hand using mixed media (watercolor, acrylic mixed with digital art). The final art is printed on linen polyester using a technique known as sublimation, the great thing about this technique is that the fabric (in this case the shoe) can be washed many times without fading. Your shoes also have cotton inside lining, our signature rubber outsole are the cutest you'd ever find! They are pink and carved with our motto "Love in every step."  And last but not least, the shoes feature a hand-made yute braid to add the artisan touch!

Our shoes are hand-crafted by experienced artisans, that will ensure the comfort and durability of our Soulmates. 

We know buying shoes online can be difficult sometimes, mostly when you are not familiar with your brand size. For this reason we do accept returns. The only condition is that the shoes have no signs of wear & tear and must to be returned in the same packaging as it was delivered. Just a heads up, we do not include a return slip so the return shipping is payed by the client.  

We stand by the uniqueness, quality and comfort of our products! Feel free to order and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you!




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