About us

Soulmates Collection is the brainchild of multifaceted artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneurΒ Isa Zapata. Isa's artistic career and philanthropic efforts have featured in over 50 national and international media outlets. Including Huffington Post, CNNE, Agencia Efe, Associated Press, Miami Herald, NBC6, Brickell Magazine, among others.Β 

Soulmate's concept is aligned with Isa's artistic mission:Β making art and products that awaken joy and positively impact the world.

Soulmates Founder Isa Zapata and her rescued fur kids James and Gordo

With this in mind, we've created Soulmates to deliver a positive impact with:

Our clients: provide a unique design that awakens feelings of joy with a durable, washable, and sustainable product made with high standards of craftsmanship that will last for years to come.

Our planet: by creating Soulmates as a made-to-order brand, we encourage our clients to make a positive impact while achieving conscious consumerism. Slow fashion products that will last for years to come and conscious consumerism are part of the solution that aims for a healthy planet.

Our animals: by being a voice of the voiceless and using only vegan materials in our shoes. And by donating 10% of the profits of each sale to homeless senior dogs directly and through local rescues.

Our community: We strive to build a community where we can collaborate and grow together. That's why since the beginning of Soulmates, we have been working only with artisans and small businesses.

From the design to the manufacturing journey, our purpose is to create joy and positively impact the world. We truly believe and live by Gandhi's words, "Be the change you want to see in the world" we are grateful to have you on this conscious journey!