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Our story

Soulmates Collection is the brainchild of artist, published children's book illustrator, philanthropist, dog rescuer and entrepreneur Isa Zapata.

The initial idea and concept for Soulmates was easy: for people to wear their Soulmates on their shoes. Shoes that were made-to-order and designed and crafted for every single client. We knew one thing for sure, we did not want to end up in any sort of landfill but rather in people's closets for years to come. As Soulmates began to take off, we realized that about 95% of our client base were either dog mom's that wanted to have their doggies on their shoes, or people who wanted to surprise their favorite dog mom with an adorable pair of shoes. That's when we decided to begin offering a variety of customizable, unique gifts to complement our main product: our custom shoes. Our line of unique products start with custom artwork that can be printed on a framed canvas, custom shoes, bags and plenty more (we're always brainstorming)

Soulmates Collection has become the only hub in the market to find unique, high end gifts for dog moms.ย ย 

Isa [to no surprise] is a dog mom herself. She's got two adorable rescued pups. She brought her unique chic style, love for dogs and philanthropic heart into the brand we know today as Soulmates Collection.ย Weย donate a percentage of the profits to local rescues.

We're proud to label a few of the celebrities that have become clients, or have been giftedย a pair of Soulmates. These lucky bunch include no other than: Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Faris, Sharon Stone and plenty more. Isa's artistic mission is to bring happiness and awaken everyone's inner child through her art. She's been following through with her mission statement as she's been in this field for over 15 years and has been featured in over 50 media outlets in the US, Mexico and LATAM. Broadcasters such as: The Huffington Post, NBC6, CNNE, Miami Herald, Univision, Brickell Magazine and some others.

Here's our story:ย 

0ur story... from Isa Zapata on Vimeo.