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Soulmates Inspirational Collection: 
We’re living in a crazy world, watching the news now a days seems more like a scary movie than our real life. Those around us - companies, artists, people, anybody with access to any kind of platform - need to step up and start planting seeds of positivism to create a wave of good vibes.
"I decided to start w this collection with the word LOVE because when I was a little girl I used to write the word "AMOR" everywhere. On my notebooks, on my dad's work agenda, on my mom college books….seriously I mean EVERYWHERE. And now as an adult I write "LOVE" everywhere too! It gives me peace and some sort of connection to the present moment, where I feel like everything will be just fine and I’d like to share that same feeling with all of you". -Isa Zapata
This is exactly why we’ve created our “Inspirational" line. We want to be there to remind you that there’s more to life than our daily dose of stress… and a big chunk revolves around the things that trigger moments of joy and love.
We are releasing one design at a time, this is the turn four our LOVE style. So yes! this will be a collector's item!
Each pair of LOVE shoe will come signed by the artist, Isa Zapata! When this limited edition is sold, we'll be releasing our other inspirational designs one by one. We'll be accepting return for size exchanges only. 
Highlights of this collection: 
*A limited edition, so yes, a collectors item!
*We'll be releasing one inspirational word at a time.
*Hand-crafted by our talented artisans.
*Each shoe is numbered and signed by the artist, Isa Zapata
*We are accepting returns for size exchange only. The client will cover the shipping costs.
*A percentage from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Suicide Prevention Line.
*The art we used for the shoes was created by Isa Zapata using mixed media and edited on Photoshop.
*The shoes can be washed as many times as needed, we use a sublimation technique that won't let the paint fade with time.
*Pre-order now and receive your shoes within the next four weeks.
*Free shipping